3 Seater Sofa

3 Seater Sofa – The Different Categories of Sofa

3 seater sofas are a useful addition to your living room, often forming the centerpiece, and they are available in so many different styles and colors that it is easy to find one that matches or complements the rest of your decor and does not look out of place. Different kinds of sofa are intended for different purposes, and in this article, we will consider a few different aspects involved in choosing one, including the different kinds of sofa, 3 seater sofas being just one, the different colors and materials available and their relative merits, and what is involved in purchasing.

The Different Categories of Sofa:

Traditional sofas can be quite large, a 3 seater sofa can in fact be a step down from a full-size sofa. Still further down in size is the two-seater, which as its name implies is intended for seating only two people at once. A 2 seater sofa can be great in a limited-space environment like an apartment, but is a bit limited as they are really not wide enough to seat three people comfortably. In between these there is another less common kind known as a two-and-a-half seater. These are usually more similar to 2 seaters, having only two cushions to sit on, but are considerably wider, either permitting those same two people to be in greater comfort, or allowing a third person to squeeze in now and then, when you have friends over and have limited space, for example. A two-and-a-half seater sofa can be a good choice for someone who has a small apartment those usually only needs two seats yet would like to entertain friends on occasion.

Another kind of sofa is of course the sofa bed. These are quite popular these days, as they can be easily converted from sofa to bed in order to provide both sitting and sleeping functionality. A high quality sofa bed can be a very comfortable place to sleep, especially when compared with having to sleep on a non-folding 3 seater sofa. Again, if you have friends over this can be an excellent choice as it can provide a great deal of comfortable extra bedding in an emergency. You will no longer need sleeping bags or inflatable mattresses, and it will be a lot more comfortable too.

One thing to consider about sofa beds, however, is that they tend to be designed for occasional use only. Because they are designed for a classic luxury with deep leather upholstery, they tend to be very heavy, and their mechanisms can be somewhat strenuous to operate. You might not want to use a sofa bed for your accommodation every night. Instead, consider a futon. These are a good alternative as they are much simpler and easier to operate while also being cheaper. Futons can be easily folded up or down and present very little trouble when used as a day bed.

A love seat is yet another option. A love seat is essentially a 2 seater sofa, but they are often of a more flamboyant design, sometimes with art deco swoops and curves. For someone looking for a very stylish addition to their living room, a love seat could be a great choice. They are available in too many styles to list, usually designed by artists to be either retro or futuristic.

Material Concerns:

All kinds of materials are used in the manufacture of sofas, from the classic leather to fabric and microfiber cloths. A Leather sofa tends to be the most expensive, as obviously, their material has to be farmed, rather than made synthetically in a factory, but they also present some advantages that can make them worthwhile. Firstly, it is hard to dismiss the classic feel and elegance of a leather sofa, whether an austere 3 seater sofa or a dynamic love seat. Secondly, leather can be very easily cleaned compared to traditional fabric, which tends to absorb spills and stain. A third option is microfiber upholstery. This synthetic material can resist stains very effectively and can do a good impression of suede.

It is also worth considering the frame of the sofa and the materials it is made from. Many sofa frames are made of wood, but different species of tree can provide different strengths of timber. Oak and maple are well known as strong choices, but also tend to be more expensive. At the bottom end, some sofas are built from cheap particleboard or plywood – these are probably best avoided. Middle-of-the-road sofas sometimes use pine or spruce, which are softer but can still work well. A well-priced 3 seater sofa made from pine will last a long time.

Buying A Sofa:

Whether 3 seater sofas, sofa beds or love seats are your thing, you can probably find the best prices online. Online stores do not have so many staff to pay or premises to keep, and the savings they make here tend to be passed on to you as lower priced sofas. If you choose a sofa made from a durable and stylish material in a size that suits your needs and your living room, it should last for many years; decades even, and will always be a fine, comfortable and eye-catching element in your home.

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